Chocolate hamper -Single Origin Collection

A chocolate hamper for the connoisseurs of you. We don’t hail any chocolate snobbery at our choccy HQ in York,  our philosophy is it’s all about creating great chocolates, not about the cocoa solids. However, we need to confess a touch of pride creeping in when we talk about our range of single origin chocolates from South America and Uganda. All of these deserve a chocolate hamper of their own, but we felt it better to pop them altogether in one delicious single origin experience.

We hope you agree.

1 Colombian milk hot chocolate
1 Colombian dark hot chocolate

1 Colombian 33% milk chocolate bar
1 Venezuelan 43% milk chocolate bar
1 Ecuadorian 61%  chocolate bar
1 Peruvian 64% dark chocolate bar
1 Colombian 65% dark chocolate bar
1  Ugandan 80% dark chocolate bar

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