• One Shots drinking chocolates

One shots drinking chocolates

One Shots drinking chocolates

Why one shots drinking chocolates you may be asking? Well we just knew that once you lovely people were tasting our fabulous flavoured hot chocolates, you would need to be able to create those perfect one shot drinking chocolates on the go. Our delicious range of drinking chocolates can be too big to transport, so we felt a mini gift set would be a great idea.

Each of these cute little tins holds just the right amount of chocolate flakes to create a mug of our luxurious drinking chocolate, a great idea if you just don’t know which one to choose. You could take them to the office for a one shot hit, or why not go camping with the sole idea being to take out your tin!

The Colombian single origin dark, the classic salted caramel, (we call it a hug in a mug)  and our taste of summer nights, raspberry and rose, could all prove to be too hard to hand over. The question is which will you try first?

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Total minimum weight 105gm


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