When it’s cold outside…

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It’s sooo very cold outside, and this morning the idea of sitting by a roaring log fire with a mug of steaming hot chocolate in my hands with a good book to keep me company was very appealing. . My reality was that at 7am this morning I was leading... read more

Festive Gift Ideas for Him

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We all know that daunting feeling of trying to find a perfect gift for that certain someone, especially when they don’t even give you an inkling to what it is they want this Christmas! Well don’t threat, as we’ve got the perfect gift idea to fill in their stockings, guaranteed to... read more

Summer is perfect for camping!

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Here I am about to head off on a camping trip, alongside 5,000 teenagers, at Stafford showground as part of the incredible Soul Survivor summer season, & I’m tidying up my loose ends at work, whilst mentally ticking off my “to do or to get done list” in my... read more

Drink more chocolate! It’s had a very long journey.

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So how did the chocolate drink get all the way from Mexico to Europe? The next instalment on our brief history of chocolate, takes place in 1519. An explorer called Hernán Cortés pursued his dream of discovering the New World, where he would also find his fame and fortune. Cortés invaded Mexico with his Spanish army and stumbled upon... read more

History of Chocolate – Where it all began

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Knowing little bits about the history of chocolate, I thought it’s time I brushed up on my knowledge and shared it with you. The history of chocolate can be traced back as far as the ancient Mayans and Aztecs in Mexico, both of which are classed as some of... read more

Choc affair’s Cafe Culture

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Have you stopped to wonder why our high streets are seeing a revolution take place with coffee shops appearing everywhere? Is it possible that we are embracing a café culture like never before? .   Our spending within the hot drink market place is a whopping £6.3 billion. Yep,... read more


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