The Tradition of a Christmas Stockings

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Have you ever wondered why we hang up stockings at Christmas… well you’re about to find out! There is one Christmas tradition that we all seem to indulge in. The putting out of the Christmas stocking. Whilst this is something that so many of us do, how many of... read more

History of Chocolate – Where it all began

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Knowing little bits about the history of chocolate, I thought it’s time I brushed up on my knowledge and shared it with you. The history of chocolate can be traced back as far as the ancient Mayans and Aztecs in Mexico, both of which are classed as some of... read more

The history of Father’s Day!

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whoa. This weekend is Father’s Day, and having explored the history of Mothering Sunday, I felt it rude not to do the same for all the fantastic father’s who are out there.      So here  it goes, a brief history lesson! So the very first recorded event of devoting a day... read more


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