When it’s cold outside…

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It’s sooo very cold outside, and this morning the idea of sitting by a roaring log fire with a mug of steaming hot chocolate in my hands with a good book to keep me company was very appealing. . My reality was that at 7am this morning I was leading... read more

Our top 5 Autumn treats!

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It’s around this time when the weather starts getting chilly, the days get shorter and we see more gloomy days then sunny. But with the spontaneous British weather comes a fabulous excuse to indulge in treats, both fitting for warm and cold days. So whilst we  knock the heating up a few... read more

Who wants a milkshake?

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The British summer that just keeps on giving! I can remember the weather like it was yesterday… the blue skies, the fluffy clouds, the beaming SUNSHINE! It was lush! But all that gorgeous weather when you’re inside a factory working your crocs off, making, wrapping and packing all of that delicious chocolate,... read more

Summer is perfect for camping!

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Here I am about to head off on a camping trip, alongside 5,000 teenagers, at Stafford showground as part of the incredible Soul Survivor summer season, & I’m tidying up my loose ends at work, whilst mentally ticking off my “to do or to get done list” in my... read more


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