Handmade chocolate lollies

Our delightful handmade chocolate lollies, are made with sustainably sourced chocolate and all natural ingredients, to ensure your loved ones get the perfect treat.

Available in a range of playful designs, with our fruity frogs, chocolate beans, spiral jellies, or our  heart throbs, we think you’ll find one you love. Definitely appealing, our lovely lollies make the perfect treat for little kids and big kids alike.

How are handmade chocolate lollies made? We fill our lolly shaped moulds with either our milk or white chocolate, then insert the wooden lolly stick, and of course we add the sweets. One at a time and by hand, then off the lollies go to cool before being packed.

How do we send them to you? Each lolly is popped into it’s own cello wrap bag,and hand finished with our bright and cheerful Choc affair ribbon. With their bright colours and ribbon finish they are great for party bags, wedding favours, or as an everyday chocolate fix!

We must warn you though, if you are planning on  giving these to more than one child in a family, choose the same lolly for each child to save all potential fall outs! Experience has shown us that it’s wise to do so!

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