Handmade chocolate bars

With many exciting flavours to explore, we believe our luxurious handmade chocolate bars have something for everyone!

Our bases of milk, dark and white chocolate are simply delicious alone or if you would like to tantalise your taste buds with more exotic flavours we’ve certainly got plenty for you to try.

Our handmade chocolate bars are beautifully packaged in an embossed gold foil, and wrapped in rich vibrant colours, so they make a special gift or a mouth-watering treat to enjoy yourself.

You can choose to order them individually or as part of a gift set  or library collection and set your senses on fire with our special fruit and flower infusions.

All of our range of flavour infused chocolate bars are available in our 100gm bar size, but a select few can also be enjoyed in a smaller 50gm size (you can enjoy more flavours this way!)  You will see where it says From in the price range and whichever bar you go for, we are sure you’ll enjoy it.

The big question is: which will you try today?

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