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As a mother of two daughters who both had a milk intolerance when young, traditional hot chocolate drinks were sadly out of the question, and some culinary innovation was needed!

A few bars of dark chocolate, some spoonfuls of unrefined sugar and lots of soya milk later; the idea of a delicious, natural hot chocolate drink was born.

In a moment of madness, I realised that there could be a business here and an idea began to form. Family and friends were drafted in to talk taste, and names, and the concept of Choc affair became a reality.

After 3 years of making, packing and selling my delicious chocolate, and having gained a stone in weight, I had reached the first milestone in the business.

It seemed as if  Choc affair had reached a ceiling with just myself, one other team member, and my husband who was doing the  accounts, delivering orders, and keeping me in check, (or trying to!) something needed to change to grow, or I needed to be content to maintain the status quo.

Well anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit will know that there is never a time when you are content to maintain the status quo!

Driven by an ever optimistic personality and of course the obligatory touch of madness which I firmly believe is needed to start a business venture, there was only one thing for it. I needed a business partner to help Choc affair reach her potential.

So, business partner it was. Ian is firstly my brother in law (there is nothing like keeping it in the family!) and comes from a retail background with 30 years experience in the field. With Ian’s energy and passion, the company has gone from strength to strength.

As we approach 2017, we have celebrated  our 10th birthday, and it has been a busy few years. We have moved to bigger premises, twice,  and from our small beginning at home in the kitchen with one tiny machine, we are now a team of 20 and a production factory of 12 machines, all responsible for the creation of our mouth watering chocolate delights.

It’s a busy team, but we all work in a friendly and dare I say a great atmosphere, and the hum of activity is inspiring. If you visit us, the smell of chocolate delights your senses, and there are samples everywhere to try.

My favourite time is when production is finished, everyone has left for the weekend, I pop in on a Saturday morning, fill a small bowl with melted chocolate, and just sit, delighting in the taste of the  chocolate, and peace of the factory, surrounded by shelves of packed bars, and products.

What’s next? Not sure, but I do know our relationships with our  producers, suppliers, team members  and customers are at the heart of all we do. My personal aim? To keep making great chocolate and to go on…

...Changing lives through chocolate

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