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ICI – The start of a beautiful partnership

As we grow older, our views about what we feel is important change, and things which mattered most, no longer seem to have the same hold and vice versa. Well, business can be the same, and having started out wanting to conquer the world in terms of brand awareness and company size, it slowly became more a question of how can we be part of something bigger and how can we
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National Chocolate Day!

Some say that their birthday is the best day of the year, others say it’s Christmas, but at Choc affair we say that National Chocolate Day is the best!   We love everything about chocolate! From the way it’s grown, to the way it’s produced, to the way it melts in your mouth! We absolutely love it! So with this day being so special we came up with a few ideas; we thought about throwing a
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For the love of Coffee… Vincent’s Coffee.

As a nation drink up to 70 million cups of coffee every day, whether we drink it at home, or on our daily commute to work, or when relaxing in the chilled atmosphere of the British coffee shop, we really do love our coffee. . Now if you’re like me, and coffee is your best friend in the morning, then you’re going to love this gorgeous tale about Vincent’s Coffee. A couple of weeks
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York Ale meets Choc affair Chocolate

A few weeks ago we invited our good friend Andy (owner of Ainsty Ales) to our factory, little did we know he was bringing a few cheeky gifts in the form of bottled drinks… that’s right, bottles and bottles of Ainsty Ale! After all the safety checks and the “how’s the business” going chats, we decided to open a few of bottles of Andy’s delightful Ainsty Ales.   Now it’s safe to
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Did I hear you right? Raspberry & Rose cheesecake!

Having promised to come up with a recipe using our very own Raspberry & Rose chocolate, the clock was ticking. . We have a shared lunch every Thursday as a team, where we bring in sandwiches, crisps and cakes, all sit together and have a good old catchup. I don’t know about your place of work, but you can work with people for years and never really get to know
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