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York Ale meets Choc affair Chocolate

A few weeks ago we invited our good friend Andy (owner of Ainsty Ales) to our factory, little did we know he was bringing a few cheeky gifts in the form of bottled drinks… that’s right, bottles and bottles of Ainsty Ale! After all the safety checks and the “how’s the business” going chats, we decided to open a few of bottles of Andy’s delightful Ainsty Ales.   Now it’s safe to
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Did I hear you right? Raspberry & Rose cheesecake!

Having promised to come up with a recipe using our very own Raspberry & Rose chocolate, the clock was ticking. . We have a shared lunch every Thursday as a team, where we bring in sandwiches, crisps and cakes, all sit together and have a good old catchup. I don’t know about your place of work, but you can work with people for years and never really get to know
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Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate, what about it?

Milk chocolate, hmmm… I enjoy a bar of Cadburys, or Galaxy as much as the next person, and these days it’s generally a pretty inexpensive treat. Busy updating our Choc-affair website led to naming one of our bars of chocolate, simply ‘Milk chocolate’, and I commented about how those two words don’t really seem to do the bar of milk chocolate justice. Why not, you may ask, that’s exactly what
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Seeds of Hope Uganda Children orphanage

Orphanage in Kumi, Uganda

An orphanage to fill…   I could take you through our entire trip to Kumi piecemeal, but if you’re like me you’ll have clicked out by the third sentence bored, so how about we look at a snapshot of the best bit of our latest visit?   Back in 2011, our first trip to Kumi in Uganda we were introduced to COHAD orphanage (Children of Hope and Dignity) through Mission
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Choc affair Lifestyle Hot Chocolate

Drink more chocolate! It’s had a very long journey.

So how did the chocolate drink get all the way from Mexico to Europe? The next instalment on our brief history of chocolate, takes place in 1519. An explorer called Hernán Cortés pursued his dream of discovering the New World, where he would also find his fame and fortune. Cortés invaded Mexico with his Spanish army and stumbled upon the Aztec civilization. The Aztec emperor Montezuma welcomed Cortés with a strange dark drink. Cortés was told the drink was made from the fruit of
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