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Have you ever wondered who is behind our delicious, chocolatey creations? Who makes the bars with just the right amount of orange oil, or, who adds the perfect touch of sea salt? Who adds not too much and not too little chilli to the chilli bar?

What about the beautiful finish of the foil? The carefully applied wrapping? The packing of your chocolate to make sure it reaches you in perfect condition?

Hmm, well, quite simply we are a mixed bunch of people, from 16 to 71 years young! The first thing we all need to be able to do is make a good cuppa.

Whatever our role, tea making skills are top of the list, and is a key test on interview day. Of everyone here, Ian makes the worst, and popular opinion is that he makes a bad cuppa on purpose so everyone refuses a drink when he asks!

But seriously, from varied backgrounds, and all walks of life, we pull together to ensure that YOU, our lovely customer have a very delicious Choc affair moment.

So let us introduce you to the whole team, we also asked some light hearted questions to give you a flavour of who we are.

Production Team


Is this a wanted poster? What do you think? Anyway, let us introduce you to the production guys of Choc affair. From left to right we have Billy, Matt and Jimmy (Jimmy tried desperately to have a picture on his own, and just so you know he owns a Parker/coat the same brand as Liam Gallagher wears!)

Their question was what is your favourite Drink? Their rather surprising replies were Capri Sun and Ribena. Having seen them on our team nights out, we don’t believe them.

Packing Team


Our wonderful ladies, who just keep on foiling and wrapping. From left to right on the back row, please let us introduce you to:
Kayla, Adele, Amy, and Abbie. On the front row left to right you have Bev, Kenya, and Livy. Lovely Lesley (not pictured, she’s shy), Harry (also not pictured, he’s not shy), then cute Claire,( too busy sunbathing on the beach to come back for our photograph.)

Now, we asked our ladies which celebrity they would most like to date and had a couple of surprising replies! Choices included dare we say, Donny Osmond, Michael Buble, and Dwayne Johnson!

Operations Team


Our two smooth operators, Richard & Julian who run the whole shebang. These two make sure if you place your order, you receive your order. On the left we have Richard, who is all about the process and the systems, without him it would be chaos. On the right Julian, in charge of the company, who tries his best to keep all the lovely ladies in order! He is also married to Linda, so now you know why he is going grey!

We didn’t bother asking these two anything, as they are always too busy keeping everything going.

Sales and Marketing Department


These are the fab people you get to speak to on the phone, or visit you in person. They are the people who take your orders, resolve your choccy related issues and offer you some great advice on choosing your flavours and treats.

From left to right please meet your team: Charlotte, Josh, Louise, Ian and Linda. Jayne our lovely HR manager was experiencing Cheetahs, up close and personal in SA, so didn’t want to hurry home for our picture.

Their question was, you can only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Chocolate, I hear you guess? Urmmm, no, not exactly. Pizza, Yorkshire Puddings and an unbelievable sprouts (honestly?!) Were some of the answers.

Established and trusted British chocolate producer with family values at the heart of everything we do.

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