When it comes to chocolate, we believe that it’s is the perfect treat, and we hope you agree should be only full of nice things ! So, wherever you see something made by Choc affair you can tell your mum that it will definitely have no artificial ingredients in it. Only natural will do!


It’s really important that we understand where our chocolate comes from, and how it is made, so why don’t you  download some of our fact sheets to learn all about it, and you can show your friends all about it? Or take a look at the video showing you the process from the tree to a chocolate bar.


Have fun taking part in our quiz, or download our treasure hunt for something to do on a rainy day, (make sure you get your parents to buy you some chocolate prizes though!!)

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Chocolate is made from cocoa beans which grow in a pod. Each pod has enough cocoa for about eight bars of milk chocolate or four bars of dark.
Chocolate is the only substance to melt at about 36ºC. Just about the human body temperature...
So you like eating chocolate? What about your teeth? Pure cocoa can actually help prevent tooth decay... Find out how...

Kids recipes

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