National Chocolate Day!

Some say that their birthday is the best day of the year, others say it’s Christmas, but at Choc affair we say that National Chocolate Day is the best!


We love everything about chocolate! From the way it’s grown, to the way it’s produced, to the way it melts in your mouth! We absolutely love it! So with this day being so special we came up with a few ideas; we thought about throwing a party, we thought about baking a cake, but in the end we decided to just stuff our little faces with our favourite delicious chocolate bars! Why not, it is a celebration after all!


We went around the factory asking the Choc affair team which bars are their favourites! It was quite the mission as most of our team are camera shy! But we managed to entice a few volunteers with the promise of chocolate.


The team’s favourite chocolate bars


We started with the lovely Paul (the newest member of the Choc affair team), even though he’s not tried all of our wonderful flavours, his favourite so far is the Milk Lime & Lavender bar, as he says “The flavours are typically English”.



Next we asked Josh which bar was is his favourite, and straight away he said Dark Lime & Sea Salt, “… as it’s delicious and pairs really well with Ainsty Ales!



Posing beautifully with her favourite bar, our gorgeous Bev loves our Milk Raspberry & Rose, with it’s delicious floral tones it’s the perfect end to a hard days work!

chocaffair_chocolate_100gbar_milk_raspberryrose_bev_blog_20160707 .

Our handsome Billy’s favourite chocolate bar is the White Peach & Raspberry. As it’s “super tasty!”



The only bar for our cute Claire is our Milk Salted Caramel bar. The caramel tones work perfectly alongside the salt to tantalise your taste buds!



Our adorable Matt’s favourite bar is our White Peach & Raspberry, obviously a favourite within our production team!



And finally our lovely Charlotte’s favourite chocolate bar is our Milk Orange & Geranium, as “it’s delicious!”




But don’t worry, we didn’t just tease everyone with their favourite Choc affair chocolate bar… we let them have them after!


Tell us which is your favourite Choc affair chocolate bar at /ChocAffair@ChocAffairUK or at choc.affair and share National Chocolate Day with us!

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