Did I hear you right? Raspberry & Rose cheesecake!

Having promised to come up with a recipe using our very own Raspberry & Rose chocolate, the clock was ticking.


We have a shared lunch every Thursday as a team, where we bring in sandwiches, crisps and cakes, all sit together and have a good old catchup.

I don’t know about your place of work, but you can work with people for years and never really get to know one another. As a company team we felt we needed to try something different, and sitting together every week has helped us achieve just that. Not surprisingly Thursdays prove to be our most popular day at work now.

Foolishly, I’d mentioned to Charlotte that I would have the dessert ready to bring in to share. I arrived home having picked up the additional ingredients, got tied up with something else, then had to go out, so dessert was just a passing memory by the time I finally came home!

Personally I enjoy baking and cooking when on holiday, when the days are lazy, and the focus is on the food, rather than just trying to make a quick dinner for everyone, but I do tend to be rather disorganised and last minute in my approach. Often I’ll get started only to find the size of tin I need is no where to be found, or I forgot to buy a certain ingredient which either means a further trip to the store, or a complete change of recipe.

Anyway, this morning, being an early riser, and knowing that it shouldn’t take too long to make (as there was no cooking time involved), I decided to have a go, and only 15 minutes later, our very own raspberry and rose cheesecake was setting in the fridge, awaiting decoration. Upon it’s arrival at Choc affair HQ, it was whisked away to be photographed and at lunch was shared by the team.


So, baking doesn’t need to be a chore, or take hours, sometimes you can get away with creating an impressive dessert with just a little time and effort.


Oh, and the overall consensus at lunch, delicious!


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