New Year, New Me 2016

If “New Year, New Me” means “Life with More Chocolate”, then count me in!

We all do it, it’s the same every year! We arrange a get together or attend a party, reflect on the previous 12 months and make a resolution for the year ahead.

Whether it’s to get that fabulous bikini body in time for summer, (I say that one every year!), learn a new language, or spend more time with friends and family. We have just got to make one, whether we broadcast it, or say it quietly to ourselves.




Personally I find it always seems tinged with a touch of sadness, when I reflect on lost opportunities, relationships I’ve neglected, or fun I missed out on because I just had to finish a particular work project. My own sense of missed opportunities invariably never includes matters of work, it is always about the relational side of life, which as I get older becomes more important to me.


So this coming year, of 2016, is of course going to be the start of a fresh approach. A year based on investing in relationships, building on what already exists, saying yes to the fun bits and of course eating more chocolate!


On top of that, as a company, we are resolute in our desire to continue creating great chocolate, just for you. So please, join us to raise your glass to a fresh approach and more fun!



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